Event Info

Bring: Laptops. Food and drinks provided

Folks of all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome to join. We’re calling on all scientists, data nerds, artists, journalists, librarian, programmers, engineers, advocates, educators, policy-makers and more to imagine alternative forms of climate governance.

Track Overviews:

Surveying: Surveyors research federal departments and affiliated agencies and programs to map the departments. Participants will be supported by volunteer coordinators to write agency primers.

Seeding: Seeders build off of primers written by the Surveys to systematically explore through all websites associated with a federal department.

Harvesting: In partnership with domain and technical experts, harvesters will take the web pages classified by seeders as needing special attention, and figure out ways to download and compile that data.

Bagging: In this track, participants will ensure that the datasets are reasonably complete with appropriate metadata and context. The reviewed datasets will be uploaded to the appropriate live destination repositories.

Storytelling: In this track, participants will document the event and its attendees, make signs, and hold discussions to tackle the following questions:

  • What are the best ways to safeguard environmental data?
  • What art and messaging compels the public to care about environmental stewardship and unifies climate protectors?
  • How do government priorities impact data’s accessibility?
  • How might we enable new forms of participatory storytelling on the impact of the environment?
  • Which projects and research fields depend on federal data?
  • Which data sets are of value to research and local communities, and why?


  • 2pm

    Doors open for pre-orientation for breakout leaders

  • 2:30pm

    Opening Remarks

  • 3:00pm


  • 5:00pm

    Closing Remarks and Sharebacks

Organizers & Sponsors

This event is made possible thanks to the hard work of our organizers and the generosity of our sponsors.